Monday, October 15, 2012

Parent work day on the Faith North Campus

Top 10 reasons to Work in the Gardens on 10/20 from 8:00AM-11:00AM:

10) You get 3 hours of Volunteer Time in one day

9) Faith North campuses will look beautiful

8) Our children will appreciate being able to plant in the gardens

7) Happy chickens make healthier eggs

6) Physical exercise is great for your body

5) The chickens have not been doing well on their housekeeping

4) The other students on the Shaw campus will wish they were part of FN Montessori

3) It doesn't get hot here until after 11AM

2) Plants grow better in soil that has been worked by parents


And the number 1 reason to volunteer to work in the gardens is:

1) You will get to spend time with the school principal (for once!) when you're not in trouble


Hope to see you this Saturday.  Please bring your rakes, shovels and pruners!



Susan Engdall


Faith North Montessori


The hand is the instrument of the mind, the child, the instrument of the future.


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