Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Fair

October 31st-November 4th in the Faith North office.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Picture day 10/28

Picture day is on Friday 10/28. We are one of the first classes to get our picture taken so please be on time (8:20).
Thank you.

International Children's Day Celebration tomorrow

International Children’s Day Celebration

On Wednesday, October 26th we will be celebrating International Children’s Day. This is a day designed to celebrate our diverse cultural community. Discuss with your child his/her ethnic heritage. Choose one that is either prevalent in your family or one that you and your child would like to learn about. With your child, put together a traditional costume or parts of one that they may wear that day for our “Small World Parade.” Then, prepare a food that is also symbolic of the heritage the child represents to bring and share in “A Small World Potluck.” Festivities begin with a parade at 10:20 at FNM@Shaw and 10:45 at FN Main. The potlucks will be enjoyed by the children in their respective classrooms.

El miércoles 26 de Octubre en Faith North Montessori estaremos celebrando el Día International de las Ninos. Este es un día para celebrar la diversidad cultural de nuestra comunidad. Hable con su hijo/a de su herencia étnica. Escoja una que sea prevalente o que solo sea divertido para aprender. Junto con su hijo/a, arregle un traje tradicional o partes de uno que ellos puedan usar ese día para nuestro desfile cultural. Después, prepare una comida que es también algo simbólica de la cultura que ellos representan para traerlo a la clase y compartirlo en “ Una comida de un mundo pequeño”. Las festividades comenzaran con un desfile a las 10:20 at FNM@Shaw and 10:45 at FN Main.

Thank you
The Faith North Staff

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birthday Celebration's

Birthday celebration's are scheduled for your child during the week of their birthday. If possible bring a picture of him/her at birth and a picture for each year of his/her life. You are also welcome to bring a healthy snack to share with the class (26 students)... please no cupcakes, cookies,candy, or surgery treats etc. We eat lunch from 11:20-12 if you would like to join us. Adult lunches are $2.25 and can be purchased at the cafeteria. I look forward to seeing you! Please make sure to schedule the preferred date of your child's celebration with Ms. Marisa at least one day in advance.

Letter from the Principal

Hello Faith North Community,

“The immense influence that education can exert through children has the environment for its instrument, for the child absorbs his environment, takes everything from it and incarnates it in himself.”
-Maria Montessori

When Montessori teachers think of preparing the environment they usually have images of shelf placement and materials arranged carefully for optimum use. All of the meticulous preparation of the environment is vital to the prime importance that Montessori gives the environment, but it is not the totality. Every person in the classroom as well as clothes worn, sounds made, the objects carried in are all part of the environment that is absorbed by each child. To keep our environment consistent with Montessori ideals requires vigilance. If we are trying to create a space where our children’s spirits thrive, we must also attempt to shut out the clutter of the commercial world. When our children wear advertising for corporations, they are advertising what the corporation feels is important. Many times what is displayed are trade names, TV or movie characters and sometimes violent scenes. These may be found on our children’s clothes, shoes, lunch boxes, backpacks and notebooks. Why should our children provide this advertising and does it really improve the quality their life? Classrooms lose some of their tranquility when super heroes invade. Such gimmicks not only reinforce the idea that we need to buy the latest fad, but they also promote behaviors that are associated with these products.

Children from the very youngest to our adolescents need advocates who can help them understand advertising and commercialism and how it affects their choices in daily life. Stay in tune and aware of such influences and assist your child in doing the same by having discussions about the motives behind marketing and advertising.

Kindergarden students homework over fall break

Parents please continue having your child read to you over fall break. Your children are so excited to read and love to read to you!

Garden Helpers

A special thanks to all the parents who gave up part of their Saturday to help make our school gardens lovely. Thanks to Ms. Toni and Ms. Clark for the wonderful organization.

Monday, October 3, 2011


You are welcome to come in have lunch, observe, or help out in the classroom after October break. Please give me 1 days notice so I can plan accordingly.

Upcomming Events

Elementary Parent Education October 5th 5:30-6:30

Family bingo night Friday November 4th

Parents night out at the Duce Saturday November 12th. Support out gardens. Dinner and Silent auction from 6-9 $40.00 per couple