Monday, September 17, 2012

Class picnic

Greetings Parents,
We wanted to take this opportunity to invite you and your families to a get-together on Saturday, September 22nd!  
The get-together will be at the Playgrounds Fun Zone in Glendale, AZ from 9-2:
Admission is $9 for the first child, and $7 for siblings.  There is also food available for purchase.  Your kids will need socks to participate.  There is a toddler area as well as the area for the bigger kids.  Upper age limit is 8 years old.
This is a great place for us to relax and visit, while having some coffee/food while the kids run around in a safe, clean, air-conditioned environment.

1 comment:

  1. We had fun and it was so nice to meet some of Ewan's classmates and their parents. Thank you for organizing Wallis. We are looking forward to the next class picnic.

    Jessica - Ewan's mama