Tuesday, August 14, 2012

* Excludes all Alcohol, Tobacco, Money Orders, Western Union, Stamps, Event Tickets, Ticket Master, Lottery Ticket, Pharmacy, and Gift Card Fundraising purchases. **Minimum of $50,000 in spending in order to receive a check.

Dear Parents:
Fry’s is pleased to welcome you to our "COOL CA$H" Earning for Learning program.
This program is part of Fry’s on-going commitment to our schools, our children and our educational process. The program runs September 1, 2012 to April 27, 2013. Fry’s has worked hard to make this program easy for parents to participate in. All you have to do is:

On your next shopping trip to Fry’s, present the school barcode along with your V.I.P card to your cashier.

The cashier will scan your school barcode into the computer and then swipe your V.I.P card.

This will automatically link your V.I.P card to your child’s school or a school of your choice.

After this, every time you shop, every purchase you make will automatically be deposited into the school’s account.

This only needs to be done once. The link will not carry over from the previous year.

Within 72 hours, you will see a "COOL CA$H" message on the bottom of your grocery receipt.

Once the school reaches $50,000* in spending, Fry’s sends the school a check for $500 to spend as they wish.

The school barcode may be passed on to neighbors, relatives and co-workers to assist your school in achieving their goals sooner.

V.I.P card can only be linked to one school.

The programs ends April 27, 2013 for the 2012-2013 "COOL CA$H" year.

Over the years, Fry’s has donated over 12.2 million to Arizona schools. We care about the education of Arizona’s children and look forward to our continued partnership.

Lonnie Flores

Lonnie Flores
Fry’s V.I.P "COOL CA$H" Coordinator

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